Let the Good Times Roll

The Sun leaves watery Scorpio and moves into fire sign Sagittarius tomorrow morning, followed closely by the Moon. The two will conjoin for a New Moon at 7:32 a.m. EST, marking the beginning of a new cycle in the zodiac– one that typically brings a surge of energy and activity after the heavy Scorpio transits that have passed.

Sagittarius is pretty fun, generally. It’s a sign oriented toward the future and the next adventure, known for its optimistic and easygoing ways. But that, of course, is only part of the sign’s nature. Sagittarius encompasses all the great human developments– language, philosophy, religion, law. It describes an energy of aspiring to be greater, of advancing beyond our earthy roots in the animal kingdom– the very image of aspiring to be “like the gods.” It involves higher learning and expanding mental boundaries.

So, a bit more than just easygoing good times. But fun and exciting nonetheless! And we are in for quite a lot of this since Venus moved into Sagittarius last week, the Sun and Moon move into it tomorrow, and Mercury joins them next week. And then big guy Saturn begins its 3 year transit of Sagittarius on Christmas Eve (I will go into this more next month.)

There is a hopeful and eager quality to this sign, which should be a nice shift after the more skeptical Scorpio atmosphere we’ve been wading through. The mood is getting lighter and more festive, and laughter and positive vibes are easier to share. Like anything, there’s always a shadow side to Sagittarius, when taken to the extreme. There’s the danger of being too reckless or rash. Or being overly opinionated, to the point of preaching. It’s not a sign inclined to being careful, so try to keep that in mind.

Check out your Sun sign horoscope for the Sagittarius New Moon– click under the “Horoscopes” tab. Enjoy!


Great Responsibility

The Sun and Saturn formed a conjunction in the wee hours of morning today, continuing this Scorpionic theme of taking stock of our own stuff– what we want, what we’re doing, what we know we should stop doing. Some people may find this stark honesty uncomfortable or heavy, but those who are willing to look at themselves will find strength as we head into the final week of the Sun in Scorpio.

Saturn conjoining the Sun suggests a sense of limitation, responsibility, or loss. Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound fun– but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, either. It just feels like reality cannot be avoided today, so we may as well get something accomplished. If you feel frustrated or depressed, try to look at what you have done so far. Sometimes Saturn may seem to stand in our way, but in truth, it’s the planet that pushes us to competence and success. Hard losses can propel us toward something more valuable– whether in professional or private life. Don’t run from the challenge.

The astrological atmosphere is about to make a huge shift as several planets move into fire sign Sagittarius this weekend, where Venus has been flirting and playing since this past Sunday. The New Moon on Saturday will mark the start of the festive holiday season. So don’t worry about the heaviness– we are heading out of the tunnel. Use this time to strengthen what needs to be worked out. That way you have your shit together when the good times start rolling!

Reality Bites

There’s a no-nonsense attitude floating in the air which can either motivate or frustrate us during the first half of this week. The planetary transits over the next few days bring up issues of personal will versus the limits of reality.

Mars will meet up with powerful Pluto in Capricorn tonight, Monday, at 6:03 p.m. EST, and then will form a square angle with Uranus in Aries on Wednesday. In other words, Mars is traveling through the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square that’s been in effect since 2011. Mars is a very straightforward personal planet– it represents action and force, how we assert ourselves or express anger or desire. To put it simply, Mars symbolizes moving forward after what we want or need.

The outer planets (like Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) move very slowly through the zodiac, spending decades in each sign. When they form aspects to each other, these transits are subtle and far-reaching, the type of paradigm shifts that are better understood in hindsight. They describe generational patterns that capture the essense of a period in history. We’ve been in one of these eras, known astrologically as the Uranus/Pluto square, which started roughly in 2011 and will continue on until early 2015.

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