Scorpio Full Moon Astrology

The Moon reaches fullness tonight at 5:42, bringing us to an emotional high tide in issues of trust and stability. With the Sun in security-minded Taurus, our comfort level is vital, and we may be getting an influx of solar energy illuminating what kind of stuff we believe would make us happier. Sometimes this relates to material items, but it also can tie into the sense of worth we get from our jobs, relationships, or in other areas of life.

As the Moon reflects the Sun’s light back from the opposite sign Scorpio, we’re able to get a poignant, bare, honest look at what we fear and lack. Earning self-worth and sustainability, the basic goal of Taurus the Bull, is so tough in today’s cutthroat competition, and the Scorpio Moon can bring to the surface some jealousy or blame aimed at a world that doesn’t always feel supportive to our needs. Harvest Moon 2016 149

Mercury is all worked up after its overnight conjunction with Uranus, which symbolizes that there’s new information out there. On May 20th, Mercury will finally reach the same spot where it turned retrograde, ending its shadow phase. There’s a sense here that we’re picking up the pace in our forward motion– the doors that open from Uranus’s lightning strike enlighten Mercury, offering a higher road or broader perspective. And Saturn will form a supportive trine to Uranus during late May, supplying some ingenuity and discipline to physically manifest a new way of doing things.

When we’re able to stand solid, despite being vulnerable, we can see more clearly what we need. This Full Moon is all about generosity of spirit– to counter the tendency to envy or distrust with some acceptance and faith that things are improving.