Full Moon Stretch

The Sagittarius Moon is in full phase, and will be exactly opposite the Gemini Sun at 9:10 Friday morning. Restlessness and anticipation are keywords to be watching for because our instinct to grow is activated– and this leaves us on the brink of leaping forward in some area of life.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is at an astrological “standstill” in the sky, ending its retrograde phase which began back in early February. When a planet is retrograde, the energy it represents is directed more internally, toward introspection and personal contemplation. And with Jupiter’s expansive and future-oriented outlook focused on our inner value system, there’s been a sense of spinning our wheels without traction in the outer world as we revamp our quality control. The question may have come in the vague shape of, “What’s in it for me?”

harvest-moon-2016-134.jpgNow Jupiter is turning direct again, which will light a fire to fuel our intentions. It may be time to start implementing some of those bright ideas, especially if your gut is telling you to expand your horizons. Where have you been selling yourself short? Momentum is growing, igniting the start of warm days and the peak of daylight hours in the northern hemisphere. A summer ahead…  a symbol of life in fullness. This Full Moon energy is supportive of creating our own joy.

In aiming for the high road, there’s the hope that this Sagittarius Full Moon instills in us the trust in our own worth and the courage to take a running leap off the diving board. As always, be aware of that excitement getting out of hand and becoming selfishly exaggerated and overblown, the common shadow side of fiery Sagittarius. Finding the balance between assertive self-expression and conscious receptivity is the task of the weekend’s astrology.

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