Waxing to Full

Water sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is to say that it has a strong affinity with lunar energies. Both the sign Cancer and the astrological Moon correlate with the inner, subjective realm– the quiet space within our mind that involves emotions and spirituality, the part of us that sometimes wonders who the hell is at the helm steering this ship of personality.

As the Moon continues to grow larger over the next week, the Sun is in the midst of its transit of Cancer in the zodiac, which serves to deepen the emotional pool. Rather than putting personal needs aside, we’re entering into an atmosphere where each individual is immersed in the complexity of their own feelings. And because those parts of us are typically submerged well below the surface of our style, it can be challenging to act and interact. Decision-making faculties are immersed in this emotional water, and intuition is stronger than rational thought.DSC01734 (2)

Of course we can’t all go and sit in meditation for the next seven days. This is the big holiday week, the height of summer in America. Mars in Cancer will be exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday, July 2, followed later next week by the Capricorn Full Moon conjoining Pluto and squaring Uranus in Aries. That equates to a high-intensity backdrop where defenses are prone to erupt. Considering the volatility of the trends in our world today, it’s a wise idea for each of us to be dealing with our own darkness as it comes up.

Listen to your gut reactions without judgment. Our own emotional instincts can be a teacher during this Cancer-themed astrology, where we can only improve our situation by making sure we’re healthy first. Too often we become stagnant and entrenched in the role we’ve built for ourselves. We resist change despite being detached or dissatisfied because ego wins over our heart. The Moon, symbolic of the primal Mother energy, reminds us that we’re here on earth to be happy, and the route to that happiness needs to be attended to as it changes with time.

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