Eclipse of the American Heart

Media hype abounds regarding the upcoming solar eclipse, mainly due to its visibility across a great stretch of the United States. On a positive level, the communal witnessing of this event heightens the awareness of large masses of people to a larger force at work– taking each individual out of their own limited awareness, even if for just a few moments while staring at a light in the sky. That is spirituality at its simplest form. This naturally lends itself to a sense of change being imminent, as if the anticipation of this event marks the turning point of a new way of being.DSC01792

Nothing worthwhile comes easy– even streaks of good luck or extraordinary adventures fade out eventually, leaving space for real life to settle back in. The truly valuable things we have to rely on take effort, patience, and frustration. We’re getting a second dose of Leo New Moon energy this summer (read about first one here), as this solar eclipse occurs at the late degrees of the Sun’s home sign, emphasizing the need to stop putting on a phony act. Or to stop hiding in the shadows.  Leo is associated with confidence, but that is not because confidence comes easy. No matter what the risk, Leo needs to find a means to express itself without affectation, without a mask. Spontaneous and true, and risking rejection– that is the real feeling of Leo energy. So maybe this second chance at a new start is a reminder that we aren’t risking enough in the name of truth and personal power.

Using this moment involves creative imagination and the release of old frameworks. We can begin this work in the sensitive environment that rises through the coming days. Monday night, August 14th, marks the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus, which begins the final week of the current lunar cycle. In other words, this week we can clear space for this eclipse.

The astrological forecast during this waning Last Quarter phase includes some powerful activity involving Saturn and Venus, symbolizing a personal need to refocus mission and passion. Intensity and anxiety can press down on us while these planets visit some sensitive areas in each of our natal charts. Saturn is slowing down to turn direct again, which heightens our feelings of inadequacy and lack. If we’re off track in our strategy, particularly if it involves shame, loss, or fear we’ve bottled, Saturn can bring it up for reckoning as it slows down and hovers around the same degree in the zodiac. It’s time to lighten the load we lug around, and we can only do this by honesty and self-forgiveness.

Meanwhile,  Venus is affected by Pluto and Uranus, rocking self-esteem issues. When we don’t get what we want, all we see is what we hate about life. All of this serves a purpose, if we can stop and see this harshly lit window into what is wrong with us, including what we project out there and blame others for. We have a window into what we need in order to be happy.

The Leo New Moon is indicative of a collective need to reconnect with the heart, in a world where the crisis of disconnection and apathy are closing off the path to hope and faith. Ultimately all of our happiness is interconnected, for it is impossible to be happy in a miserable and suffering world. I think everyone, for the most part, wishes the world would find some humanity and peace right now. And never has the need been greater than at this ‘Great American Eclipse’.





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