Thunder Snow

Entering into Capricorn season in the northern hemisphere is something we do with sarcasm and a bit of grim determination. Winter requires a certain level of ‘adulting’– simply from the primal perspective of having to deal with the cold, ice, and snow. The effort it takes to get where we are going in the midst of a storm is a metaphor for this astrological energy. Capricorn is the part of our natal charts where we do what we have to do, regardless of how difficult. And we do it because human beings need to accomplish what we say we will– our integrity and self-respect is connected to it.

Snowy Feb day in Maudsley 054 (2)

This year’s solstice lands a few days after the start of a new lunar cycle on Monday, December 18th. The Sun and Moon meet up in the last degrees of Sagittarius at 1:30 a.m., and then the New Moon moves ahead into Capricorn later that morning. The next day Saturn makes its move into Capricorn, and the Sun follows Thursday morning at 11:29, marking the official start of the winter season on December 21st.  As if that’s not enough, Venus will join the party Christmas day, entering Capricorn just after midnight. That’s a lot of planets in one sign (including Pluto, who’s been hanging out there for years)! Astrologically speaking, this means that Capricorn themes are on the agenda, individually and collectively.

Capricorn strives for autonomy and personal control. It is the archetype of the wise elder, the symbol of knowledge learned from experience and effort. Adjectives like “ambitious” and “goal-oriented” are often used to describe this sign, but that only points to the surface of what the energy looks like. The true nature of Capricorn is to own their own power– to be able to make manifest what they envision. So there is great strength and resiliency here where one’s word is one’s oath. Committment is serious. Because if we don’t commit to what we ourselves are saying, who else can we trust in the world?

This year’s solstice is supercharged with Capricorn as Saturn, its ruling planet, shifts into home territory for the next 3 years. Last month I wrote about Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius, which challenged our collective philosophy and shattered cultural delusions. The wild chaos and embarrassing lack of morality is unavoidable in our present society. So maybe this shift that Saturn is about to make will bring exactly what we deserve. Without any doubt, a time of reckoning is about to begin. All the hype, distraction, and melodrama will not be able to withstand the stark dignity of Saturn in Capricorn.

If that makes you nervous, this transit is something to start working with consciously. We all have to grow up a little, represented by wherever Saturn in Capricorn is in our chart. Resisting growth will only make the lessons that much harder to learn. This isn’t punishment, and to look at it as such only sells out to laziness and weakness. And we aren’t lazy and weak. There is honor and accomplishment in Capricorn work because we earn dignity, we learn to be our own authority. We trust ourselves. We don’t have to make excuses, lie, and blame. We don’t tweet. If there’s something you have felt unsupported in or too busy/stressed out/weak to commit yourself to, this is the blessing you needed. There are more important things than staying in your comfort zone. Saturn in Capricorn invites us to start climbing the very mountain that scares us, promising one hell of a view.

I am the bended, but not broken. I am the power of the thunderstorm. I am the beauty in the beast. I am the strength in weakness. I am the confidence in the midst of doubt. I am Her!” — Kierra C.T. Banks



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