We’ve made it to the final lunar cycle of winter– just about 4 weeks until the start of spring! Soon we’ll put an end to the months of driving on ice and dressing in layers, returning to the warm and bright half of the year on the Vernal Equinox on March 20th. Here we go, into the season of Pisces–  the final sign of the zodiac and a point of reconciliation and recovery before we start a new astrological year.


During my Full Moon audio forecast, I talked about a group of planets in Aquarius (Venus, Mercury, and the Sun) forming squares to Jupiter in Scorpio throughout the first half of February. This urged us to consider our lives from an independent, detached perspective– to question where we feel disengaged from our own authenticity because we’re only doing things to fulfill the expectations of others.  These tense 90 degree angles from Jupiter in Scorpio pushed us to sort through our own compulsive ways of behaving, hopefully leading us to be more honest, even if only with ourselves.

As February continues, these planets move from Aquarius to Pisces. Venus has led the way, moving into Pisces on Feb 10th, and Mercury and the Sun will follow on Feb 17th and 18th, respectively. There’s a shift here from the intellectual perception of Aquarius to the subjective emotional world of Pisces, so where we were lost in a world of thought before, now we are more likely to be swimming in the waters of feeling. Pisces is the part of our natal charts that is always longing for something else. Longing is part of our condition as humans. That’s why Pisces is said to be a compassionate, spiritual, and creative sign– because being kind and loving, or inspired and charitable, is simply a means to overcome the ego identity. It helps us lose the voice in our heads that always wants more, that’s constantly judging the moment as not good enough. When we are lost in the moment, whether through service, love, or art– we don’t hear that nagging, critical voice of need.

So this waxing New Moon cycle, from now until the end of the month, is an increasing tide of energy flowing into this softer realm of Pisces. It’s likely to have a calming and diffusing effect on our forward motion. We may find reality more confusing because Pisces blurs the hard edges of those clear boundaries we made in Aquarius. Suddenly the driving force of Aquarius (the need to be fully aware of oneself as an individual) has switched gears into this more accepting, forgiving, and understanding passivity of Pisces.rose in sand enlargement

But what do we do with this energy? Whenever Pisces is activated, there’s the potential for escapism and avoidance. And that’s the challenge during these final weeks of winter, as restlessness and impatience start creeping in. It’s easier to give up on any sort of accountability or productivity because there’s this longing to get away from reality and the limits of the ego world. Pisces wants to transcend boundaries by connecting to laughter and pleasure and enlightenment. Or red wine and chocolate cake. Pisces intrinsically knows there’s much more to life than what we see in the regular world, and that longing for some divine contentment can be overwhelmingly attractive. At the lower end of expression, addiction dwells in Pisces too. Because at the heart of it, to be human is to want to feel good.

The high road of this astrology is the potential to be better people at the basic level of kindness. Softer edges in the way we perceive each other leads to less divisiveness. Opinions aren’t so dogmatic because Pisces knows everything is fluid and everything changes. If we’re only committed to serving our own needs and getting ahead of competition, these next 2 weeks will feel frustrating, no matter how hard we work. But if we choose to act in a  wiser, more inclusive and compassionate way, we can ride this wave into a healthier new spring season. Maturity and dedication to improvement are the gifts of this waxing lunar cycle, carrying us to the Virgo Full Moon on March 1st. Enjoy the rest of February!


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