Taking Flight

Mercury completes its retrograde phase today, on the eve of the Sagittarius New Moon (exact Friday morning at 2:20), lending an added sense of forward motion to this Sagittarius-ruled astrology. This waxing lunar cycle is bound to be full of enthusiasm and self-expression, leading us toward the end-of-year festivities with renewed vigor and vision for the new beginnings ahead.


Mercury in Scorpio this morning over Salisbury Beach, ahead of the Sagittarius Sun.

New Moons symbolize new beginnings. A new seed is planted in our consciousness (the Sun), and fertilized by our soul (the Moon)– and as the Balsamic Moon joins the Sun in her monthly cycle, we are moved to nurture that seed, trying to bring it into fruition. And no sign is as hopeful as Sagittarius! We are intuitively drawn to dream, however unrealistically, about what could fill our tomorrow. The positive side of that, of course, is simply being in a good mood. Optimism is a great catalyst: it lessens pettiness and invites generosity, which can create a ripple effect outwards as people are cheered up by the energy.

But part of having a lot of hope is dealing with a lot of disappointment. Sagittarius is not the most pragmatic or realistic sign, and Jupiter (ruling planet of Sagittarius) is in here with the Sun and Moon, too, exaggerating the hearty, adventurous, passionate environment.

DSC03566 (2)

Storm waves of confusion and emotion are flooding this New Moon from water sign Pisces, where Mars and Neptune are fused together. The imagination is a rich outlet now, making this is an amazing time for creative, meditative, or spiritual activity, and just having fun with other people. But our longing nature is a powerful force, casting a spell over perspective. Be careful of headstrong, impulsive responses. Or spaced out, disconnected action. While constructive daydreaming is useful in helping us imagine solutions and improvements, we can be in danger of thoroughly overdoing anything that soothes our appetite, or distracts our minds.

And this feeling continues to grow as Mercury picks up speed in forward motion and returns to Sagittarius again on December 12th, heading toward another meeting with Jupiter on the last day of this waxing lunar phase, December 21st. Mercury is used to working with logic and facts, but in Sagittarius, Mercury must deal with intuitive knowledge and gut instincts. As we approach the Winter Solstice, listen to your inner dialogue more closely. Something has crystallized and grown rigid in our lives, trapping us in a limited form. This Sagittarius New Moon asks you to think about what restricts you from being open and free.

A little business news:


One of the things I often hear from clients about my natal chart and transit/progression readings is that they’re meaningful and poignant in getting a grasp of the bigger picture, a sense of the greater purpose of their lives, but it can be challenging to integrate all of that information into an everyday form of guidance. And from an astrological perspective, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint the smaller details affecting the natal chart when I’m explaining such a large scope of time. The passing influences, which may have a huge impact on what your day or week FEELS like to you, gets lost in the broader scheme when I’m describing an entire year or two of your evolutionary journey.

So… in order to bring astrology into a more primal, visceral role in your life, I’m implementing this new membership service for $35 per month (no contract, no cancellation fees). Each member will receive a personal transit reading covering the planetary aspects from one New Moon to the next, following the lunar cycle through waxing and waning phases. This is an incredible way to learn about the craft of astrology, while also supporting your alignment with the natural rhythms of the Moon.

The monthly reading will be digitally recorded and emailed to your inbox on the eve of the New Moon. Each reading will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length, and will be accompanied by a monthly members-only coupon for significant savings on products, full readings, and special events.

The first monthly readings will be delivered on the eve of the Capricorn New Moon, January 4th. Start 2019 off right– with some guidance from the universe! I’ll need your birth information (date, town or city of birth, and as close to the exact time as possible) in order to work with your natal chart. Email me at roottoriseremedies@gmail.com with any questions, or  sign up for Moonrise Horoscope here!

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