“Aha!” Moments

The Aquarius New Moon is today, February 4th, at 4:04 p.m. EST; setting the emotional tone for the lunar month ahead. And this one is feeling energized, charged with excitability and initiative. Aquarius is the sign of the individual, and during this waxing cycle we’re challenged to act boldly with the knowledge of who that uniquely REAL person is beneath all the layers of our social identity.

We shape our lives to fill certain expectations– some defined by our own choices from the past, and others imposed upon us from external sources like family, job, and community. At this time of the year, as the Sun transits Aquarius, we are called to honor the idea of self, and to touch base with the core direction of our lives. The past is part of us, but does not dictate our future. And sometimes the life we’ve built needs to be revived, realigned with that inner spark of who we truly are, freed from the prior behaviors that have defined our outer personality.

DSC03650 (2)

A January sunset over the marsh in Salisbury, MA

Mercury represents the functions of the mind to perceive, process, and communicate. As it weaves through the zodiac, it generates insight– and sometimes we allow that information in, sometimes we don’t. No one has a completely open mind. Humans are naturally biased by our own systems of belief, and we tend to resist new ideas if they don’t easily fit in with our concepts. Mercury in Aquarius forms 60 degree angles with Mars and Uranus this week, signaling surprises or instability in the realm of news, ideas, and information. New knowledge may offer us the ability to break free in some way, or at least serve to get our brains stimulated with intriguing thoughts.

But as always, the effort comes from within. Mental interest, in and of itself, will not be enough to create meaningful change in our patterns, or advancement in our plans. Mars, the Warrior planet, is moving to a conjunction with Uranus in Aries, an aspect that will be enhanced by the Moon’s passage over both planets ahead of their union. We can expect increased levels of emotional urgency from February 9-13, which means that we need to have a constructive outlet for that heat. This is a positive time to implement a new solo project– something that challenges you or piques your curiosity. Otherwise the physical body can feel restless, nervous, and prone to erratic flares of power. Be aware of that so you can funnel that power into something that will benefit you, rather than attracting accidents and fights.

Waning Crescent Moon and Venus in Sagittarius Jan 31, 2019

Venus and the Waning Crescent Moon over my backyard

The atmosphere diverges quite a bit as we get closer to the culmination of the waxing cycle– the Virgo Supermoon on February 19th. The Sun moves into water sign Pisces just ahead of the Mercury/Neptune conjunction in the same sign. This is a lot of Pisces energy, soothing and sensitizing our intellect. Receptivity and understanding will become somewhat easier right before the Moon reaches full phase, helping us to reconnect with anyone we may have felt alienated from during Aquarius season.

But the danger will be softening too much and reversing progress that has been made. Unconditional love is a gift of this influx of Pisces, but the danger is escapism or martyrdom.  A Venus/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on the same day means that we need to maintain these autonomous values that we’ve cultivated, rather than sacrificing them completely in the name of love. The Aquarius New Moon begins a cycle of mastering love of self, because it’s only then that we can really love others with a free and honest heart, no strings attached.

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