About Me


I’m an astrologer and writer living on the New England seacoast. After being introduced to astrology by a screenwriting professor at Boston University 20 years ago, I quickly became absorbed by the study and continued on my own at a novice level, reading everything I could find on the subject. A few years after graduating, I crossed paths with a professional astrologer from Seattle, who would turn out to be my teacher for years to come. With hours of personal mentoring under my belt, I began an astrological practice, advising friends, family, and eventually clients about the cosmic news. I believe the planetary cycles are symbolic of our own inner processes– not that the planets cause things to happen, but that they mirror energies that are working within us.

Astrology is a tool. It allows us to see our place in the bigger picture– hopefully with a little more peace.

I am available for natal chart readings in person and by digital recording. Click this link for more information on readings.

Thank you!


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